Gems to keep you high on style & calm

At Faya, we believe that the jewelry you adorn should be one of a kind, just like you. Faya uses only the highest & genuine quality gemstones to craft your Jewelry design with meticulous attention to detail.

Choose Amber and Ruby or Jade and Rose quartz: it’s your choice. Match these gems and precious stones according to your charm and let them heal you in their own unique way.

Cherish the warmth and love glowing through this divine piece of Jewellery.

Do wear this gemstone as a reminder that there is a powerful energy present within you and that you’ve got the best of health and positivity.

Let Kerba absorb all the pain and help you show your self-confidence and creativity.

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Rose Quartz immediately captures the eye with its romantic Pink.Our wide selection of Rose Quartz Jewelry is exactly your style. Faya’s fine quality Rose Quartz Jewelry is designed to be passed down for generations to come.

Rose Quartz opens the heart to love, friendship and deep inner healing. It has a gentle vibration of love for the owner. Rose quartz when worn in jewellery gives the wearer a strong sense of self-worth; it is also a stone of love.

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The King of Stones Ruby is unrivalled in beauty and variety. Expertly cut and genuine quality makes them captivating for all.

Cherish the courage and spontaneity glowing through this royal and wealthy gemstone.

Do wear this gem as it encourages passion and a zest for life. The powerful energy from this gem will give you the best of health and creativity.

Let the Ruby balance your heart and instill the confidence within you and protect you from negativeentities.

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Aqeeq is a very special stone as it creates joy in the heart and eliminates depression.

Do wear this gemstone as it absorbs the rays of the sun and passes it onto the body. It is a very protective stone which keeps you away from evil intentions and generates positive vibes within you. It is beneficial for your eye sight and health.

Let this fascinating gemstone drive away all your fears and bring prosperity in your life.

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Faya offers a lustrous selection of pristine and cultured pearls. Pearls are evoke elegance and charm.

They enhance your beauty and strengthen the mind, increasing memory. Pearls have been known to make a person wise, honest and pure. It enhances personal integrity and helps clear one’s mind so that it may be a clean and clear channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Let the Pearl attract good wealth and good luck in your life.

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Diamonds are an intense stone that help you connect to divine wisdom and fulfill your spiritual purpose.

This gemstone brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relations. Diamond is a sign of commitment and instills trust to relationships and situations.

Let this beautiful gemstone help you aid spiritual evolution and remind you of your soul’s aspirations.

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Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It guards psychic attacks, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from harm.

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability and balances hormone levels & strengthens the immune system.

Let this gemstone help you alleviate your sadness and grief by thoroughly dissolving all your negativity.

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This is a protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm and attracts good luck as well as friendship.

This is a gemstone of calm in the midst of storm. It is a fantastic balancing stone for your nervous system and also soothes cardiac rhythm. Jade is the ultimate lucky charm to bring energies of abundance, relieve physical pain, cramps and also helps flush toxic from the body.

Let this vibrant green stone bring health, love, and wealth in your life.

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A Love stone with timeless beauty and a symbol of “New Beginnings”. This gemstone assists in learning how to love yourself or become more compassionate with others.

Moonstone helps soothe emotional instability and stress. It softens any difficult situation you are struggling with. It enhances intuition and encourages wisdom and patience.

Let this stone help you make the right decisions in order to gain success and good fortune always

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The most enticing and enigmatic gemstone also known as ‘gemstone of love’

Wear this gemstone as it brings loyalty and provides domestic bliss. It helps enhance unconditional love. A soothing stone that will help you understand your own needs and emotions clearly.

Let this sparkling jewel inspire you and help you promote friendship and balance between partners keeping the compassion alive.

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Opal is an emotional stone that reflects the mood of the wearer. The exquisiteness of opal will leave you enchanted with its beauty and healing properties.

Opal helps in leading a luxurious life. It brings prosperity and supports gaining a good reputation in the society. Opal helps in clearing issues in a marriage and provides marital bliss. It is also believed to help overcome emotional setbacks by calming the mind and helping the wearer make peace with the past. Opal is thought to cure eye-related problems and keep eyes healthy.

Let this magnificent gemstone fill your life with good fortune, peace, joy, and wealth

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