About Us

Faya Jewels, has an awe-inspiring array of gemstones. We love adding the splash of colour, and beauty to your ordinary jewellery. We are a e-commerce vertical of Merlion Jewels with a timeless collection of Amber and a spell-binding range of gemstone jewellery pieces that appeal to modern sensibilities.

Revel in our unique gemstone bracelets, rings and sets.

We aim to be original, authentic and ethical. We firmly believe that splendid gemstone jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth, and hence it shouldn’t be mass-produced or the run of the mill. We are passionate about designing our jewellery to be timeless, which sets a legacy, for those who wear and adorn it.

We use only genuine gemstones and high-quality metals to make our jewellery. Every piece comes with a guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

At Faya, we’re always listening to your priceless feedbacks which helps us improve and create the jewellery you want to wear.

Our Story

‘Faya’ by Merlion Jewels is a luxury jewellery brand started by Gemologists andJewellry Designers Firoz and Fatema Bootwala. The couple conceptualized the brand ‘Merlion Jewels’ 20 years ago in 2000 to make divine jewellery in precious & semi-precious gemstones. They have vast experience of over 30 years in the jewellery industry and have created important historical jewellery master pieces around the world. ‘Faya’ is their e-commerce vertical brand which was started in 2019 catering to ready to wear, affordable, travel jewellery. It reflects the aesthetics of modern and classic handcrafted jewellery in beautiful gemstones like Amber, Agate, Rubies, Pearls etc.

Our team of curators are passionate, creatively inspiring and above all dedicated. Our craftsmen have a vested interest in constructing the finest handcrafted jewellery and are dedicated to make sure your experience with us is as flawless as our Gemstones.

We have steadily grown from strength to strength since the inception, and now are renowned for genuine gemstone and dainty jewellery. From the person who will wear the piece for many years to meaningful heirlooms pieces, we aim in bringing everybody closer together.